Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 8th - Chora on Naxos

The next morning, having fixed the camera, we were able to take pictures of Ios on the way out.

Cathedral of Ormos on Ios.

After a windy boat ride to Naxos, where even the huge ferry was rocked by the waves, we reached the port town on Naxos.  It took us a while to check in because our hotel's front desk was closed during siesta time.  After this, we just walked around the old town a bit, had a bit, and then hit up the Waffle House for some great ice cream on waffles.


Bougainvillier.  Many massive examples to be found in Greece.

Lanterns slung in an underpass.

The width of a hallway.  I'm not sure what warranted me to sport such a winning smile.

An old(er) house in the Kastro.

Temple of Apollo with a sunset, as seen from just outside the Kastro.

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