Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 21st - What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

We had a surprisingly good night's sleep at the refuge - over ten and a half hours.

Accomodations in the refuge.

Main hall in Refuge SEO.

Can you spot the face of Zeus here?

We walked out to one of the nearby peaks, Toumba, to scope out the other side of the mountain.

Northwestern view.

View of the peaks from the Western side.

We set out clambering down shortly thereafter.  We decided to take a different path down, about 13.5km.  This took us about 4.5 hours.

Plateau of the Muses seen from the North.

The three human-made rock formations we had seen from afar the previous day.

Shepherd dogs admiring the view.

Mules!  These must have set out really early, because it's a long way down from here and it's only mid-morning.

Crooked trees!  (Actually, the trees grow straight up - the camera was tilted with the slope to take the picture.)

Back in Litohoro, all filthied up and war-torn from the two-day hike, we took baths.  And then we promptly returned to the famous Gastrodromio for more outstanding food.  Older men played a card game tournament of sorts nearby.  (Our waiter identified the game as "Kseri".)

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