Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 7th - Put-Putting Around Ios

The next day was spent moseying around Ios, a beautiful island.  It's too bad we only got to spend a day here because the pace of life and the look of the land really got us hooked.

A travel agent helped us map out the next few days of our trip and secure ferry tickets for the remainder of our time in the Cyclades, and then he dropped us off personally at a place belonging to one of his friends, the Liostasi spa/hotel.  The place was awesome, very relaxing, with great food.

Liostasi pool.

Liostasi bar, with yours truly just getting up from an intensive bean-bag session.

Aforementioned bean bags.

Pool with the area where we ate.

Towards the mountain.

Then, we walked back down to the port area and rented another ATV.  We rode around the island as the sun was setting, and witnessed one of the most beautiful landscapes of our trip - wind farms, stone walls outlining crops in the hills, rolling hills, a remote beach.  (The 50cc engine gave us plenty of time to enjoy the view circa 10 km/h in the hills.)  Unfortunately, at this point, the camera had given out with a lens mecanism error.  We only managed to fix it the next day using percussion therapy, so we'll have to make do with the following shots of the city.

Hora cathedral with plaza.

Partial view of Ormos, the port city.

These little triangles are everywhere in Greece.  It seems likely symbology is at play.

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  1. Percussion therapy to repair a camera? Tu ecris tellement bien. Quel plaisir de te lire.