Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 23rd - Home, Sweet Home!

After an outstanding breakfast in the Plaka, we hopped on the subway to the airport.  A relatively short but wobbly flight to Paris later, we hurried across terminals at Charles-de-Gaulle to catch our connecting flight, arriving just as boarding began.

Our flight back across the ocean, the movies we watched were punctuated by the screams and kicks of the young'un beside me.  Though there was a relatively long line at customs in Montreal (about an hour), the guard pretty much waved us on with almost no questions, in stark contrast to the occasion of our return from the Dominican Republic.

Oh, the sweet feeling of crashing into your own bed after weeks away.

A very special, smooshy thanks to Laurence for many of the great pictures and fact-checking!  Any errors are mine, and any things that make you go "wow" can be attributed to her.


  1. Wow, that was so interesting and fun to read! And such great pictures! Now I want to climb Mount Olympus as well! Thanks a lot to both of you for sharing these great moments :)

  2. Wow - indeed!

    Merci beaucoup d'avoir partagé l'expérience en de si beaux mots !

    À bientôt !

  3. Nice nice nice! Excellentes photos, et bon recit! Vraiment un super voyage!