Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 2nd/3rd - To Athens!

This summer, my girlfriend spent a month digging at an archaeological site near Asprovalta, in northern Greece.  I took time off work to join up with her after her stint there, and we spent about three weeks traipsing around the country generally abusing our camera, interacting with the public-use felines, reaching relativistic speeds in our rental vehicles and, best of all, not getting sick.

I mean to document the experience a posteriori here, both as a personal log and as a way to share the memories.  It was not done during the trip for lack of the unnamed mojo resulting from the convolution of time, energy and the availability of internet access.  Now that I am at home for a last week off, said mojo is available in larger nuggets; here are the fruits of its investment.

To begin, a random picture:

An ossuary in Grand Meteora.

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