Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 15th - Olympia

On the 15th, we drove to Olympia.  Driving through the country we saw the beautiful village of Langadia, but unfortunately decided we'd take pictures on our way back, thinking we'd catch the sunset - which turned out not to be the case.

Arriving, we headed for the amazing Archaeological Museum of Olympia.  It was inspiring to see tangible combat armor, as opposed to the goosed-up versions we see in movies.

Helmets, oldest on the left.


Western pediment of the Temple of Zeus.

Incredible detail.

We steeled ourselves and left the air-conditioned museum, heading for the site of ancient Olympia.


Stadium.  Along the right side you can see the judge's seats around the middle.

Fallen columns by the Temple of Zeus.

Possibly part of the Altar of Oaths.

Bath houses, I believe.

All told, it was pretty staggering to think of the sheer amount of historical "stuff" that had taken place at Olympia.

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