Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greece 2010 - July 12th - Hitting up the Pelopponese

The next day was about reaching Nafplio, in the Pelopponese.  All in all, the day was uneventful, except for a brief stint at Bus Terminal A, which the Lonely Planet describes as "not a good introduction to Athens".

Though Lau remained ever-confident, this was the low point of the trip for me - which is actually a good thing, because I guess it wasn't really that bad.  There was much confusion stemming from the physical design of the place - buses parked everywhere in multiple lanes, signs which were difficult to interpret correctly, people milling about and sitting anywhere.  Many Greek people were themselves unsure where to go or which bus to get on, which left little hope for tourists who didn't speak the language.  In the end, a friendly junk salesman confirmed that we were in the right place, and we were whisked off in a high-tech bus to the Nafplio.

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