Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Fold of Satoshi Kamiya's Yellow Bird (Chocobo)

As kid I always loved origami; my parents still have bags full of my models in their basement.  Every few years, I usually read up on where time has taken the art.  This time, I was quite surprised - it had been around ten years since I'd last looked into origami, and man oh man have things changed.  People like Robert J. Lang and Satoshi Kamiya have taken model complexity to new heights.

Galvanized, I looked up a few instruction patterns and settled on the "relatively simple" task of folding Satoshi Kamiya's "Yellow Bird".  (I did not fold it directly from the crease pattern, though that looks like an interesting challenge for next time.)  I'm far from completely satisfied with the way the model turned out, especially the toes, but hey it could be worse for somebody who hasn't folded anything other than receipts from the grocery store in ten years.

(The model is on a Lego "frame" so I could take pictures, because I did not wish to glue the underside of the model together to allow it to stand up.)

Yes, those are suppoed to be reverse inside folds on the back of the neck, not mountain folds.  I noticed a long time afterwards and haven't fixed it.

Working on the open sinks for the toes.

Before forming the toes.

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